Part 2: Brands Targeting Influencer Marketing During MCO

Part 2: Brands Targeting Influencer Marketing During MCO

On the previous post, we’re discussing about the way brands promoting their name during the MCO period is through influencer marketing. It is the best way to make the brands remain connected with their consumers and their targeted audiences. During the period of social distancing and everyone need to stay at their own coach, the time spent on social media is soaring, so it is a great approach for brands to tackle on social media platforms.

Therefore, influencers being the connector between the brands and consumers due to outdoor advertising can’t work effectively during this period. This is the time for the brands to expand their marketing strategy by understanding how consumer behavior is changing due to this pandemic. Henceforth, the influencer market is the solution is constantly promoting the brands towards the consumers. The influencer market is in a position of strength in the current climate.

In this context, influencers are responsible for creating awareness and help to bring communities together in facing these difficult times, giving people a sense of togetherness and creating content to make everyone feel distracted to boost up their emotions. For instance, some of the actresses, models, and lifestyle influencers tend to conduct their own charity program to donate it to the NGOs centers to help people around and creating awareness about the impact on society during this pandemic. They also being featured in some brands advertising which requesting them to do self-recording align with the ads campaigns. In this period, brands not targeting to gain profits only but aiming to be noticed and recognized by the potential audiences about their brands.

The role of influencers is being fully utilized during this period due to influencers provide the sense of human connection that every brand is looking for. The contents that are produced providing substantial impact and give brands a place to promote their campaign and products according to the engaging tone created by the influencers.

It shows that, during this difficult time, brands still can create and reflect and stay connected with their own consumers by using the influencers as the extension to pave the road for the brands’ marketplace.

Despite the fact that we’ve seen an inflate in influencer battles for brands identifying with individual consideration, there is an open door for all brands to keep experiential alive using influencers and social. Thus, the influencer marketplace strides focusing on digital platforms at this time being.

It can be said that the MCO period has led to changes in media consumption behavior, making it a good time for advertisers to generate new marketing strategies, which involves shifting ad spend into social media based on influencer marketing according to these changes. However, it also depends on influencer marketing itself to create momentum as aligned with these changes. We can notice that influencer marketing that doesn’t have sophisticated technology that aligns with digital contents eg: graphic motion to create video content more engaging, might be affected.

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