Part 1: Brands Targeting Influencer Marketing During MCO

Part 1: Brands Targeting Influencer Marketing During MCO

All marketers have undoubtedly taken a hit during this MCO period as more consumers are either working from home or remaining at home to practice social distancing. During this period, it is noted that many industries have shifted into digital marketing due to there is a significant increase in the consumption of digital platforms among Malaysians.

Social media hits coercively on Malaysians whereby it is proven that their daily screen time increases rapidly from usual which is an 83% increase in usage. According to MCMC, Malaysians appear to be spending more time on social media, playing games on devices, or streaming shows on platforms like Youtube and Netflix.

In these circumstances, it is somehow affecting Malaysia’s influencer marketplace in which social media consumption in digital platforms increases in the demand for influencer marketing. This somehow presents a great opportunity for the influencer marketplace to focus on more sales and marketing and also a great way in engaging the audiences in a meaningful way. It is noted that this MCO period impacting brands and agencies in their collaborations with real-life influencers, so that connecting with digital platforms is one of the alternatives to make consumers aware of the existence of the brands.

With the increasing number of usage in digital marketing that brands and advertisers use on social media, the role of influencers becomes prominent in marketing and advertising the brands also spreading awareness about certain issues and campaigns. Influencers thrive in these environments and can partner with brands to help provide content that offers consumers a sense of normalcy to their lives during this critical period. It can be noticed that it is changing how brands use influencers, but social is influencers’ specialty, and it’s continuously growing due to audiences having easy access to it.

During this time, all the audience’s main concern is regarding the Covid-19 updates. Therefore, it is a must for influencers to take a suitable approach whereby the contents that are being posted should not have negative connotations that would encourage everyone to stay positive along this time. It is recorded that 75% of influencers are directly addressing Covid-19 that includes the viral hashtag to gain more awareness. E.g. #stayathome, #staypositive, #staysafe, and #stayconnected.

Influencers are also responsible for helping brands to stay connected with the consumers during this time. This is an effective way to stay connected with consumers through storytelling and helping which purposely not only focuses on revenue. Brands are also being aware of this current situation which can be noticed, many of them adjusting their campaign messaging. For example, Maxis Bhd, which conducted a campaign of Make It Through (#KitaSapotKita), that produces a song in collaboration with local artists and influencers to inspire Malaysians to stay strong and positive in these trying times.

In any case, with the new norm that everyone needs to adapt with, it is noticed that the growth of influencers in promoting brands through social media and digital marketing platforms being escalated day by day. It’s can’t be denied that, with the new way of life, this is a great opportunity for both influencers and brands to re-build their name.

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