“Aesthetic +” – Ushering in the New Era of Branding

“Aesthetic +” – Ushering in the New Era of Branding

Although today’s generation is more concerned with product attractiveness, they also have more diverse needs for products and services, not solely in terms of product appearance. It’s getting more and more difficult to get consumers’ attention with attractively designed items these days. Smart young people start with product packaging, but also with quality. We live in an increasingly visual world, and dressing the part is essential for success in business. When it comes to design and branding, today’s consumers are well-informed, which means they’ll approach your brand with a sophisticated set of preconceptions and assumptions.

1. Aesthetic + Demand = To Raise Consumer Spending Power

In this situation, the product’s design is the first step in capturing the attention of young people, and demands must be made in order to boost their spending power. Face masks have increasingly played an essential part in our daily lives, and stylish face masks meet consumers’ expectations for pandemic preventive measures. Besides, many apparel companies have also launched masks with a sense of style.

2. Aesthetic + Culture = Increasing the Brand’s Value

Although attractively designed items may attract people to purchase them, this does not mean that they will prioritise aesthetics over product value. It’s a great strategy to establish brand attributes through product packaging design, but if you focus too much on the exterior and neglect to increase the value of your items, any trendy product will be a flash in the pan. Consumers chose it for its appearance, yet it is inextricably linked to the product’s connotation, much like Disneyland’s ice cream. It provides consumers with a sense of cultural belonging, which boosts the ice cream’s overall value. Consumers enjoy Disney’s culture as well as ice cream.

3. Aesthetic + Experience = Creating a New Business Model

Many businesses have adopted a new business model that merges appealing packaging design with exceptional customer service, resulting in the emergence of Instagram-worthy restaurants and cafés. It attracts a large number of young people to check in because of its aesthetic style, and it provides them with the benefit of being different from competitors, resulting in a unique structure and relaxed environment in the consumer market. As a result, several brands gained popularity and created totally new business strategies.

Your brand’s aesthetic is crucial to its worth. It explains what consumers might expect from you and persuades them that they will get exactly that – and nothing less. This is extremely beneficial in terms of establishing a foundation of engaged, loyal, and satisfied consumers or clients.

If your brand’s aesthetic is out of date, it’s time to rethink, or perhaps rebrand. Magnicos Marketing is always available to assist brands in developing a brand identity that works on all levels, so get in touch if you need some expert branding advice!

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