The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumers

The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Consumers

How many times you’ve been ready to hit the “buy” button when the times you saw and read the reviews from influencers? 

It’s pretty obvious that in today’s marketing world, social media influencers and KOL (key opinion leader) plays a pivotal role in the marketing industry for a wide range of brands in the most and every product. 

It is a must to have a digital influencer for every product, more businesses are joining the influencer marketing bandwagon as a means to improve their marketing and outreach strategy. This is somehow indirectly shaping consumption culture among society everywhere. 

Influencer marketing can be seen as the fastest-growing method for customer acquisition. Even it seems a bit challenging to handle and deal with influencers, but when it works, the result is amazing!!! 

This is due to they have the capacity to weaving the brand’s message into their style and tone, in order to make the message look authentic. Which they have the power and able to spur response in the form of the purchase action by knowing how to communicate effectively without sounding too “salesy”. 

Here’s how things go: 

  1. Build Brand Awareness

Social media influencers are the individuals who are capable of influencing massive followers through reviews of products, services, and social trends on their social media accounts. They have a solid understanding of the platform they are using and very reliable to create engaging content to build brand awareness on the products that they are reviewing. 

  1. Strengthen Customer Relationship 

It is proven that consumers trust peer recommendations more than anything else. Thus, social media influencers can be powerful in this respect. They have the power in tying a knot between brands and the target audiences. 

  1. Improve Buying Decision with Unbiased Opinions

Knowing that influencers are the great storytellers, they know how to communicate effectively with the virtual audiences. Influencers don’t just post products on their feed, but they elaborate well on what generally consumers want to know. They also used the products first before promoting them to the audiences. 

  1. Review Drive Sale, but Influencers Drive Review

All the time, customers will read reviews before making purchases. These practices are very important to avoid customers from a lot of mistaken purchases. Back to the previous point, influencers will try it first before they do some reviews about the products, therefore people will gain more trust about the brands when it is to be seen positively effective on the users. When influencers give good reviews about the product, it will indirectly drive more reviews towards the same things. 

It can be concluded that consumers are turning to social media to make their purchasing decisions. Hence, social media reviews by the influencers are crucial towards a successful marketing strategy and campaigns on specific brands. Influencers become an important role in driving the marketing activities on the specific brands towards the purchasing action by the consumers. 

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