#smallbusinessgrowth – BUBBLE GUM survived and thrived through the pandemic, HOW??

#smallbusinessgrowth – BUBBLE GUM survived and thrived through the pandemic, HOW??

#smallbusinessgrowth Have you been driving across KL city, Selangor or Penang and found striking black signages with the large words ‘BUBBLE GUM WAX’, ‘BUBBLE GUM NAILS’ or ‘BUBBLE GUM LASH’? Fun fact for you, they do not sell candy (they do provide some in their stores, though)! BUBBLE GUM’s story began in 2011 when they launched their first waxing salon.

They quickly grew and expanded to 15 waxing outlets, 4 lash studios, and 1 nail salon only within 10 years! Their secret is in their love and passion for advocating self-care and empowering every individual to look and be their best selves.

Their mission has brought together a team of individuals who are willing to do their best to serve their customers too ― proving that kindness and passion invite and attract people to walk into your doors, or through BUBBLE GUM’s doors!

Here is how else they did it! Jesslyn Ho, the BUBBLE GUM X founder, opened their first store with the said passion for empowering younger audiences. She began by building a brand over the Internet ― where all the young souls are hanging out! She also noticed that there are many other waxing salons around catering to the Chinese market. With that observation, she decided to fill the gap by opening doors to a more Malay audience, speaking the language, and breaking many taboos that come with waxing, body parts and genuinely standing on their core of empowerment, for both male and female customers.

Once the waxing line is stable, Jesslyn progressed to manicure and pedicure, BUBBLE GUM NAILS, lash extensions and brow trimming, BUBBLE GUM LASH. The most recent in the year 2020 is BUBBLE GUM X-thetic, an aesthetic or facial outlet. These different self-care lines come under BUBBLE GUM X. Now, there are 18 outlets of all the BUBBLE GUM X variants.

During MCO the country was struggling with businesses, especially with beauty services, BUBBLE GUM went on to open an outlet in Damansara, Selangor. Here they went head-on, with other beauty salons within the area! It did not just magically happen for them; neither was the team and founder merely lucky.

As a brand, BUBBLE GUM X created effective content marketing strategies across all their accounts. It was their first key to success. Their efforts on content marketing attracted loyal customers, and they managed to become a trustworthy brand among the locals. They were truthful with their products, genuine with their services, and generous with their knowledge. Therefore, while other businesses were worried about sustaining, BUBBLE GUM had the backing of their loyal customers!

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