Did Facebook Really Keep Spying on You? Here’s How This Happens

Did Facebook Really Keep Spying on You? Here’s How This Happens

Have you ever bumped into a situation where your intention in buying some items being popped out in your social media apps advertisement? If you have experienced this situation, knowing the fact that you’re not alone. Over millions of social media users were facing the same things too. 

What makes you feel curious and insecure is does Facebook spying on you? How come this app could be so smart in detecting users’ intention? And most users were pondering on this thing. 

The thing is, Facebook is actually using users’ market share as its database in generating ads that related to the users’ interest. Facebook utilizing its Artificial Intelligent that consists of its textual and visual material provided by the users to determine the intent. 

If you’re the active e-commerce platform users such as in Shopee and Lazada, both platforms have a recommender system whereas you can fill in the products that you’re looking for. And the system will give you similar and exact products that related to your demands. 

Meanwhile, Facebook has generated information that was collected upon the users on an ongoing basis to determine what catch your interest in purchasing specific types of items. 

Initially, Facebook or Instagram are not actually spying you but they are tracking what you’re doing virtually. Have you ever wonder how? 

Here’s the thing, when you like, comment, or tag on a post or status, you’re giving Facebook more ammunition to serve your ads that related to your previous activities. It collects content, communication, and information that you interact with. This including the post you like, accounts you follow, hashtags you use, and even the groups that you’re connected to. 

It also tracks your information and intention on any websites or app that uses Facebook plugins, logins, and widgets. And this is how your data and interest were collected. 

The truth is if you use social media, play games on your phone, or even if you use a weather app, your data is automatically being collected. If you don’t want to feel like being watched or having CCTV on your phone, it is best to get rid of your social media accounts together. 

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