Are Cloud Kitchens the Future of F&B?

Are Cloud Kitchens the Future of F&B?

What are the Cloud Kitchens?
Cloud Kitchens are also commonly referred to as ghost kitchens, shared kitchens, dark kitchens, or virtual kitchens. These kitchens don’t usually have storefronts or dine-in options, and they’re just used to prepare food for delivery.

The New Trend of Food Tech
Cloud kitchens, originally considered a new trend a few years ago, are NOW A REALITY. 
It has been on the rise since the pandemic and will continue to do so as it is more convenient for both consumers and restaurant workers. People love cloud kitchens because they can provide delicious meals while being safe and secure. 

A Technology-Driven Phenomenon
The approach to business for cloud kitchens must be data-driven. As a result of high demand and cost effectiveness, GrabKitchen, foodpanda, Cookhouse, and KitchenConnect are gearing up for unprecedented market expansion. With COVID-19-induced social behaviours, the online food delivery segment of the F&B business is gaining attention as a one-stop shop for the struggling restaurant industry.

Key growth drivers for the market segment include an increase in smartphone users, internet penetration, and a cashless economy made easy by digital payments. After all, although delicious food is vital, understanding your customers is even more crucial for long-term success.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that, like any other business, the cloud kitchen has its own range of challenges for people who want to go into it. Cloud Kitchen’s key difficulty is reaching out to clients and securing a place in their minds.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Cloud Kitchen Business

1. Built Your Website

First, create an online shopping website. When developing your website, keep in mind that the consumer order and checkout procedure should be as simple as possible. It’s also a good idea to keep your menu simple and straightforward, with appealing food photographs.

2. Create Social Media Page
“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.”
Establish a social presence for your company by creating Facebook and Instagram pages. Start posting about your brand, products, and advantages/USPs on a regular basis. You may also use good food photographs to generate revenue by running ads on Facebook and Instagram and receiving orders through those platforms.

3. Content Marketing
We are drawn to any narrative that is told in a storytelling manner because it creates an emotional connection with us. Similarly, you will be able to develop a relationship with your consumers if you can express your brand mission, brand journey, and product USPs to them in a narrative style.

4. Social Media Influencer
Connecting with social media influencers in your area of operation/service is another great way to advertise your cloud kitchen business. When their followers see that influencer talking about your company, it enhances social trust and brand recall.

5. Sponsoring Events
This strategy is quite an old one, yet it works well when used wisely. Being present in front of the guests increases your brand awareness. You may use social media to increase interest in your business by posting about the event on both your personal and brand pages. By participating, you have access to the attendees’ database, which you can use for future engagement.

6. Your Loyal Customer – Your Spokesperson
Lastly, always use your loyal customers to act as brand ambassador/spokesperson to spread words about your brand. You can have a referral system for your loyal customers as well.

These are a few ideas for promoting your cloud kitchen. However, tactics aren’t restricted to only these methods. There are a variety of other creative approaches to attract the attention of your target audience. 

If you require support with your social media marketing, please do not hesitate to contact Magnicos Marketing.

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