Best social media campaign practices

Best social media campaign practices

Best social media campaign practices.

Building a social media campaign comes in so many different forms and methods.

We understand that it may be daunting but let us walk you through some of the best social media campaign practices!

1. Action-gate: Ask users to interact with social media posts. Invite them to ask questions, answer polls, review products and join a contest!

2. Provide incentives: Offer discounts and prizes in exchange for their attention and information

3. Engage with your audience throughout the campaign: Be on your feet as often as you can! Answer and address any critique quickly to reinforce positive interactions.

4. Promote across all social media accounts: Although your brand has more audience on Instagram, promote what you have on all other platforms!

5. Monitor your performance: Keep a lookout on how you are doing and adjust your strategy if you need to.

Adapt as many of these steps as you can and let us know how it went! Don’t hesitate to contact us on any platform!

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