The beginning of social media campaigns

The beginning of social media campaigns

Social media campaigns are integrated marketing strategies to boost and assist business goals via multiple social media platforms. Daily social media efforts are different from campaigns. Campaigns are focused, measurable and targeted.

That explains campaigns – what they are. What can you do to prepare before launching your campaign? Because social media campaigns are targeted, you need to do your research first. 


While you are thinking about building a social media campaign, ensure that you have all the tools available. Apps such as Hootsuite, Social Mention and Addictomatic will help you track your posts, shares, retweets, likes and keywords about your brand and identity. From these apps too, you can view the audiences who have seen your posts and who are responding. Each platform reaches out to different demographics with varying preferences. Knowing your audience on each platform helps you navigate towards a successful campaign.

Define goals!

You have your tools. NOW, LET US TAKE A LOOK INWARDS! Your goals need to be measurable – use a baseline measure of your targeted metric. This enables you to track your performance throughout your campaign. Your goals may be in the shape of your message and your target audience. Some common goals may include getting feedback, increasing website traffic or improving brand engagement.

Hopefully, you have the tools you need to begin your preparations for a successful social media campaign! 

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