Facebook Launched a New Trail of Email Marketing Tools for Business Pages

Facebook Launched a New Trail of Email Marketing Tools for Business Pages

Recently, Facebook tried out a new set of tools that permit business pages to send all sorts of marketing emails specifically through Facebook platform.

Business pages on Facebook may soon have the potential to send all the marketing emails and newsletters with an arrangement of devices that are now being tested before it is being officially launched.

The device is a new user-friendly interface that utilizes the concept of user-created content that specifically permits all small-to-medium-sized businesses to upload contact lists and compose marketing emails.

All the emails can be sent directly using this platform and the result and performance can be tracked afterward.

Facebook Marketing Emails Spotted in The Early Testing

This feature was noticed by a social media marketer, Mac Coffey that shared the screenshots regarding the trial on Twitter.

Based on the information from the screenshots, pages that have access to this feature will be alerted with a notification on the left sidebar.

When clicking on the Marketing Emails tab, it will direct to the feed to verify their email address of the pages’ owners.

When it is already being confirmed, owners can select their own audience to their subscriber lists. The subscriber information can be filled individually or excerpted from a spreadsheet.

Before proceed to the contact information, Facebook will certify that they already have been permitted to send messages to those contacts.

The next step is, the Page managers can already compose emails through this Pages app. And it will look like this: 

Facebook Varifies The Trials of Marketing Emails

According to Adweek, Facebook justifies that they are actually testing email marketing tools as being spotted by Meg Coffey and it is only limited to the small and midsized business for them to work efficiently by utilizing this kind of interface. It offers a fast, easy, and free way to send promotional messages and track results. 

This feature will give advantages to this kind of business who do not have an email marketing solution on their own. If it will be constantly beneficial for businesses, then it will run broadly. 

For those businesses who already have email marketing solutions won’t find this kind of feature exciting for them and don’t have any reasons to change for this. 

It looks rousing for businesses that are new to email marketing, due to this tool really helps in spreading promotional contents. 

This feature does not send the marketing emails to all users that like a certain page, instead pages are required to transmit their own mailing lists, so meaning that not all audiences that like the page will receive the emails. It’s only granted for those targeted audiences to receive emails based on the mailing lists. 

Just let see the changes on the Facebook feature to know further updates regarding this thing. 

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