How does podcast advertising work?

How does podcast advertising work?

How many times have you asked Google how something works? If you are looking up on podcast advertising, you may be quite familiar with digital advertising and is now willing to explore the endless possibilities that podcast advertising might bring to your brand.

The key to digital marketing is content. Now, if you try to go on Google and type ‘digital marketing basic principles’ you will receive: ‘Content is King’. Yes, while your content is King, your King needs the people and these people are your audiences. While your content is King, your focus is the needs of your audiences.

On podcasts, your audiences may be less but they are your loyal ones. We understand how advertising works digitally and how campaigns are run but what about podcasts, digital advertising’s new friend.

Podcasts can be divided into a few main parts but with a lot of jargon. Let’s get right to it!


Pre-roll ads are ads that get mentioned at the beginning of the podcasts, similar to those on YouTube. These ads last approximately 15 seconds.


As per the name of this, mid-roll ads play in the middle of the podcast for about a minute.


Think of outro as something the podcaster would ask you to act on towards the end of the podcast; a call-to-action just before the podcast ends.

Native ads

Advertising that matches the delivery podcast.

These definitions prove that there are many ways to approach podcast advertising. You may choose to place your ads in the beginning or at the end of the podcast, according to the suitability of your content, your identity and your length of advertisement. This calls for in-depth research on your content, to meet your audiences with the correct tone of voice and the correct timing.

If you have tried any of these methods, tell us about it! We would love to hear your input. If you have more questions concerning podcast advertising, we are available on social media as well as at! Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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