Digital Marketing: Adding Value.

Digital Marketing: Adding Value.


How many times have you heard the phrases ‘add value’ and ‘give value to your audiences’. We are now 6 months into the year 2020. We are now redefining human interaction digitally. How much more can we push ourselves to connect through the physical disconnection of social distancing? Think of it as being a friend.

What is important in a friendship? Our friends may be anywhere in the world but what is constant is the need for someone to listen. You can do that via your brand. Be a friend, be a listener through your brand identity. Ask questions on social media and respond to your audiences’ responses.

An effect of social distancing is being constantly online. While online, we are fed with information that may be negative to us. Therefore as a brand, be an assurance. Be a reminder to your audiences on social media that they are not alone in this crisis. You are with them: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Spread hope and positivity.

Take a stand on your compelling brand story. Believe in it, invite others to come on board with you. This helps you become more than a business. You are now a trusted partner, a friend. It is achievable through digital media because everything is a click away, alike away.

Everyone is online now, looking through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. You have the platform available, be a trusted companion!

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