Facts about podcasts.

Facts about podcasts.

“It is something you can download and listen”

“You just listen to someone talk about a certain topic”

“It is like the radio but you won’t miss it!”

They are all correct – in their ways. 

In 2004, Adam Curry and Dave Winer created something that enabled him to download online radio into his iPod. Although who exactly was the one who invented it is still up for debate today. In the same year, the terminology ‘podcast’ was coined by Ben Hammersley, a columnist from BBC.

And ever since then, podcasts have been blooming. In 2005, Adam Curry created ‘Podshow’ with Ron Bloom. While Leo Laporte spoke about tech through his published podcasts ‘This Week in Tech’ which won the first People’s Choice Award at the Podcast Awards. Apple iTunes 4.9 was released in the same year with built-in support for podcasts and George W Bush, was the first president to publish his weekly address to the public in the form of podcasts. This should be enough information for you to be convinced about the development of podcasts!

Then to the next question: So, podcasts are similar to radio channels? Yes, a podcast is a series of episodes in the form of audio files. Users can download these files and listen to them at any time. Normally, these audio files feature an expert host discussing a specific topic or about a current event. Even though it is currently trending, podcasts are still a niche market. Therefore, when a podcast is consistent about a specific area, podcasters will gain popularity, wield expertise and finally gain loyal followers, listeners and supporters.

It is also a combination of artistic sound production, trends and themes. A well-thought combination between sound design and voice will capture the attention of listeners and keep them tuning in each week. Because of the freedom and vast possibilities of podcasts, there are now endless variations of podcasts from story-telling to science education, history and comedy. These podcasters have also been engaged for advertisements.

With such a wide variety, podcasts advocate for education on-the-go. Listeners tune in wherever they have an internet connection, a device and heart to learn or the interest to listen. With the current technology and context, podcasts can be downloaded – this means that internet connections are not a necessity when listening to your favourite podcaster anywhere and anytime!

Besides all these interesting facts, podcasts are affordable. The bare minimum that you will require to begin podcasting is a microphone, and a podcast hosting account. You can always begin with that and purchase more later on.

Do you have any thoughts on podcasting for your brand? Or if you have any additional questions regarding podcasts, don’t hesitate! Or if there is anything you’d like us to write more about, e-mail us at info@magnicos.com or drop us a message via Facebook or Instagram!

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