Podcasts as a marketing tool

Podcasts as a marketing tool

When thinking about marketing strategies that your brand or your company needs to take, which strategies stand out to you?

Have you considered podcasts? Have you heard of using podcasts as a marketing tool? You may be wondering how it works or that it is not possible. One common worry is the cost of producing podcasts.

Let’s begin focusing on the benefits of using podcasts as a marketing tool – because it has been done successfully!

The usage of the podcast is encouraged by the up and current ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle that allows brands to share their stories and purposes without the concern of space and time. What is important for your brand? Is it communication with your audiences, visibility or variety of content? Podcasts tick all these boxes and more. Here are some reasons why you should be considering podcasts as your next marketing tool.

Unique connection and relationship

Marketing strategies capture audiences effectively and create a loyal audience base. A successful marketing strategy convinces your audiences to buy into your brand’s goals and purpose by being able to relate to who you are as a brand and to feel the chemistry of a relationship. Podcasts can do this via constant and effective engagement with audiences. As your audiences are tuning in, they are giving the podcaster and your brand their full attention – those who believe in you will continue tuning in and may invite new audiences to your brand

Companionship and Service

Your podcasts can be heard anywhere – we cannot repeat and emphasize enough on this! Therefore, podcasts become a companion to your listeners. They may be tuning in while they drive, or commuting by train from work or when exercising. Offering them beneficial content and information that is at their discretion helps you provide a great service to your listeners and audiences.


Podcasts involve active listening that is also a form of active engagement with your audiences. This makes podcasts suitable for marketing. It is constantly available and its content may be supplementary information to any other future content you intend to build towards. They never run out of their time.

Gives your brand strength

Podcast listeners are in to give you their time and attention to listening to your brand. Therefore, you will receive loyal and interested audiences. Therefore, being honest and direct through your brand is important. It creates not only an identity but a strong personality for your brand. Featuring your employees and customers present transparency as well as authenticity and ultimately builds a genuine foundation for your brand.


The number of downloads and listeners may not reach the heights of YouTube videos but despite such a niche market, listeners are loyal to your brand and your content. Therefore, your brand’s wishes, needs, problems, direction and purpose has to be specific to reach your target audience. This creates purposeful content for your audience and content that is true to your brand identity.


Podcasts expand your brand visibility beyond social media. You can now reach out to audiences on Spotify and iTunes! However, leverage your social media accounts by creating single image teasers on your Facebook or Instagram accounts and textual teaser on Twitter to reel your listeners in. 

Have you thought of any of the above? Let us know your thoughts or if you have any other questions about podcasts, do drop us an e-mail at info@magnicos.com or speak to us on any of our social media platforms!

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