TikTok: Digital Marketing Strategies (Part 1)

TikTok: Digital Marketing Strategies (Part 1)

Welcome to Part 1 of TikTok: Digital Marketing Strategies. We are pulling the rabbit out of the hat for you to truly understand TikTok in bite sizes. Just a few key points in each part.

Many brands have been successful on TikTok and the possibilities for your brand on the platform is large. It all begins with taking advantage of each platform’s niche. For TikTok, it would be their crowd, humour and youthfulness. The best ways to market your brand is to find relevance in each platform.

Be authentic with your story

Be true to your brand identity from the beginning. Being authentic gives you credibility as a brand who can deliver promises and walk the talk. Having a strong brand identity and voice will help you with the next method to maximise your advantage of TikTok.

Leverage on influencers

TikTok uses a lot of influencer marketing. In a crowd of teens, they want to be part of a community. Therefore, reaching out to them through their favourite influencer is the best way to do it. It is especially useful when you already know the voice of your brand because it gives you an upper hand at deciding which influencer is best to advocate for your brand, to bring your voice to the influencer’s crowd and community. It might require more research, but it will bring benefit to your brand to increase sales or to increase brand awareness.

Trends, trends, trends.

When it comes to standing out, people will often tell you to think outside the box or try doing something extraordinary. Today, we are here to tell you: DO SOMETHING EASY TO REPLICATE! What does that mean? TikTok hypes are often reliant on the current trends. You can look for these trends in the Discovery page. Trends are built based on mimicking someone else and this could be a simple dance routine, lip sync, comedy, hacks or even pranks. Do something that someone else can do too. You could also do something that is trendy at that moment in time. Trends are helpful but they also change very quickly.

So your team needs to be ahead of time to catch on trends before they phase out. That is all for Part 1! Stay tuned for more in Part 2 and Good Luck on TikTok!

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