TikTok: Digital Marketing Strategies (Part 2)

TikTok: Digital Marketing Strategies (Part 2)

Brands have an archive of materials to use, including products, stories, and teams to brainstorm ideas, fans, audiences, and brands to build a community. Using these resources on social media platforms can be tricky, but it is not impossible. The tricky bits normally occur when faced with apps such as TikTok. They have a specific audience and a very specific mode of sharing. 

Having those in mind, here are some additional tips:

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags will give you an edge to amplify your content’s reach, identify your competitors, and gain more followers. However, there are various hashtags available for you to use. Some things to remember: 

  1. Use hashtags that can stand out a little more than the rest. 
  2. Avoid using more generic hashtags to avoid being amongst a sea of content where it becomes difficult for you to stand out. 
  3. TikTok is not Instagram — don’t flood your posts with too many hashtags. You want to know the focus of your brand, your product, your story. Don’t take away those values in your posts by using too many hashtags. 

Consistent activity

Being active on social media is beyond posting daily, although brands need to post regularly to gain consistency. It takes a little more than that, too. Brands need to be making meaningful comments on other videos and at the same time, reply to the comments on your videos as actively as you can. 

Spark interest

TikTok videos may go up to a minute long but not every user will watch the entire video. Brands need to understand their audiences’ interests to create videos that look professional, friendly and interesting enough to stay on. In addition to watching the entire video, it is essential also to invite viewers to comment. Brands need to think of videos with a call to action and include clear descriptions for each video. SEO is essential for TikTok marketing. A clear video description tells TikTok and users about your video’s nature and intention, leading to a higher reach and engagement. 

TikTok Ads

We understand that TikTok is still a myth for many brands. Using ads effectively will naturally bring more audiences that would eventually become useful leads or converted into sales. There are three most common TikTok ads, including in-feed native ads, hashtag challenge ads and brand takeover ads. Explore your options and brainstorm with your team to effectively use TikTok ads for your advantage. 

This is Part 2! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed giving you these tips and insight! 

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