Industries and social media marketing strategies

Industries and social media marketing strategies

What are the demographics on Facebook and Instagram? Where should you place your ads? In 2017, Statistica generated a graph showing that the highest industry on social media platforms is ‘Services’ at 55% and followed by 33.5% of ‘Manufacturing’.

While it is essential to navigate through social media to gain more returns for your brand, it is much more important to put on the lenses of your customers or audiences. Therefore, maybe the right question should be: Who is my brand trying to reach out to? 

This is because, according to Sproutsocial, 90% of personal accounts on Instagram follow at least 1 business. 83% of personal accounts also use Instagram to learn about newly available services and 81% use it for product research. 

These users value your insight, the vision of your brand and seek the community you are building. Your audiences look up to your ultimate vision or your stance. According to the data provided by Sproutsocial also, 44% of consumers believe that brands are trustworthy, and 66% of consumers believe brands can create real change. Here is a tip: Look back at your goals and visions. Are they promoting real change and making positive impacts? 

With so much support and such a high number of users on Instagram and Facebook, this then goes without saying that brands should use social media for marketing purposes. 

Selling on Instagram is highly effective. Industries such as fashion and food tend to receive higher returns on Instagram. Having said so, some may find selling on Facebook much more effective. This goes back to the demographics of your target audience and the community that you are building. Is your target audience mainly on Facebook or Instagram? 

There is a lot to take away and learn from social media marketing. Here are some steps you can take: 

  1. Think about your brand’s vision.
  2. Make a list of your available products and services.
  3. Access your audiences – select your target audience.
  4. Launch your brand on both Instagram and Facebook to access the demographics of your audience further.
  5. Learn the needs of your audience – create engagement posts
  6. Lean towards the needs of your audience

Sometimes what you need maybe someone to speak to brainstorm ideas or someone to help you through this while you focus on the quality of your product or services. Speak to a marketing specialist about it, to ease your burdens!

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