Clubhouse and digital marketing opportunities (Part 1).

Clubhouse and digital marketing opportunities (Part 1).

iOS users are spending a tremendous amount of time on the new social media platform, Clubhouse. The app leans on its voice-only real-time feature where content and conversations happen live. It means that people are spending time on the app in fear of missing out on topics they’re interested in. 

With the number of users and time spent on the platform,  marketers should begin to analyse and evaluate the available opportunities that are presented on Clubhouse. It is a real-time opportunity to share your branding and origin story, connect with loyal customers, receive real-time feedback, run impromptu focus groups, and create awareness of your brand. 

Brands can begin conversations around your area of expertise to have conversations. By the end of a 2-hour conversation, you would have connected with at least 10 clients or so. We are going through three simple steps for you to achieve this on Clubhouse. 

  1. Find People, Rooms and Clubs to follow.

Be strategic with the clubs or people you follow. It will guide you to more opportunities for yourself and your brand. You might find interesting people that you might choose to follow to grow your connections upon entering rooms.

  1. Look up the Member Directory, Club Directory, and Event Calendar 

All of the above are searchable via keywords. Event calendars keep you updated on upcoming scheduled events that you are interested in. It keeps you in the loop while you manage your time surrounding your daily activities.

  1. Check out the Front Row

There are three sections of people in each room. They are the stage, the front row and the audience. The stage shows the speakers; the front row shows the people followed by the speakers, and the audiences are the people listening. Exploring the front row gives you an insight into who you might want to follow. 

These are some tips to give you a headstart to exploring the marketing opportunities on Clubhouse! Stay tuned while we explore more marketing opportunities in Clubhouse!

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