#smallbusinessgrowth – Trapo’s victory against time.

#smallbusinessgrowth – Trapo’s victory against time.

Startup companies are often in a race against time. They are trying to navigate between the public’s interests, filling up the gaps and needs of society and perfecting their products and internal systems all at the same time. Within three years, most startups have barely scratched the surface. However, Trapo, a local car parts manufacturer, successfully built an online auto parts mall within three years.

Trapo Malaysia began their journey in 2017 with its focus set on car mats only. Their journey was always clear: to start via the internet to reach out to Malaysian youths. Li Zongwei and Li Zongyu are brothers and founders of the Trapo brand. The began by releasing a promotional video online which obtained millions of clicks. It assured and affirmed their vision to launch their brand online.

The general assumption is that the demand for automotive retail is male. Therefore, Trapo targeted their online advertising to find potential customers while using content marketing to guide potential customers to their online mall to browse and purchase their desired automotive products. In doing so, they used their advertising data to collect customer-related data (also known as CRM – Customer Relationship Management) that tells them their customers’ details and interests, including car models used and preferences. Data such as this enables brands and marketers to create more accurate target groups for their next advertising campaign.

During this process, Trapo found that many customers prefer the physical experience of stores. Thus led to Trapo’s physical studios in Melaka and Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. These stores also offer services such as offline pick-up services. Trapo’s method of online to offline is relatively rare in areas such as China, but the founders rely on their content marketing strategies as well as high-quality products to continue to build loyal customers to help them achieve their goals successfully. It has also made Trapo Car mat top-selling car mat online in Malaysia.

Their offline and online combination enabled Trapo to gain a firm foothold into the Malaysian auto parts market and later expanded their business overseas too. In April 2020, Trapo expanded its business to Indonesia and Singapore while building an Omni-Channel commerce platform. Trapo does so with the hopes of expanding its business across Southeast Asia.

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