Clubhouse: Short-term craze or here to stay?

Clubhouse: Short-term craze or here to stay?

Things we know about Clubhouse:

  1. It has just launched following the initial format of Instagram. The app is only available on iOS platforms (for now).
  2. It is a voice-only social platform. 

We understand the general idea of what Clubhouse does but like everyone else, we are wondering if the app is here to stay. In January 2021, Elon Musk made the app viral by announcing his participation in Clubhouse. The platform has had 6 million downloads since its launch till this February. For more information on the platform and its goals, do check out ‘Have you been to the Clubhouse yet?’ blog post.

For now, we would like to evaluate if the app is indeed here to stay (or will it fade sooner than later?). Covid-19 has caused global lockdowns and isolation, making us realise how we have taken human connection for granted. In recognising that, we are all craving some kind of human connection every day. 

Clubhouse creates conversations organically and genuinely by being transparent. You can connect to people anywhere and anytime without having to think about how you look. It focuses on the tonality of your voice and your energy when conversing. The platform also removed any ‘behind the scenes’ feature because there is no need for any production time. It does not involve photography or recording, and it doesn’t require any equipment such as lighting or camera setups. 

The ability to be true to oneself when engaging in a conversation enables us to form better connections and be present in each conversation. Clubhouse’s innovative use of voice to connect people in real-time levels out the playing field. Anyone can be on the app to widen their network, promote their business, or learn something new. 

Once it exits its Beta version, the community will grow larger. Many social media platforms fade out when larger and existing platforms begin to replicate key features. For example, Clubhouse may lose its significance if Facebook or Instagram copies Clubhouse’s voice-only element. However, many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram focuses on the weight of images that ‘speaks a thousand words’. 

At the moment, it seems safe to say that Clubhouse is here to stay as it reels individuals into more meaningful conversations daily. These conversations include discussions related to your industry, conversations to improve your language skills and to learn about other cultures! 

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