Clubhouse and digital marketing opportunities (Part 2).

Clubhouse and digital marketing opportunities (Part 2).

The voice-only app managed to build a tremendous amount of traction by removing visuals and ensuring transparency. The app gives control to the host of the room, also known as the moderators or influencers. They are put on a virtual stage with the power to decide who is allowed to speak and when. Clubhouse is also an ad-free platform.

Clubhouse’s transparency aims to form networks and build relationships through connections, creating different expectations for the platform. Users come online to interact and learn more about specific areas of interests as active listeners. They pitch in their thoughts and perspectives regularly. 

Clubhouse has launched another invite-only option for their “Creator Pilot Programme” for Clubhouse influencers (40 users from 600,000 registered users). Although Clubhouse influencers are not paid, founders of the app acknowledge the value and importance of creators for the platform. They are now exploring options to generate income to pay their creators. Although it might be difficult for marketers to leverage on the influencers at this point, Clubhouse might still be a beneficial app for brands, 

Savvy brands would lean on this opportunity to listen to topics or areas that matter to their consumers. It gives direct insight into their consumers’ thoughts that could improve product development and marketing strategies. Brands might choose to take the back seat to listen more before kicking off their conversation rooms on Clubhouse. 

While listening is paramount on Clubhouse, brands have many options to enhance their relationships with their consumers. For example, brands could use Clubhouse to organise events. It could reach audiences globally, and it is a refreshing change from the usual Zoom conferences and Facebook Live events. Clubhouse is an excellent platform to develop ‘a more personal relationship that cannot necessarily be achieved on other social media platforms.’ (Justin Kline, Co-founder of Markerly)

Besides that, brands may also opt to collaborate with celebrities or other brands for conversations that could benefit consumers, for instance, topics revolving around health, beauty or lifestyle. In this current day and age, making your content relevant is a practical goal for brands. Relevant content builds meaningful relationships with consumers. 

Where it stands now, there are a lot of available opportunities for brands on the Clubhouse app. Brands should begin to listen to Clubhouse users more intently to leverage direct consumer insight.

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