Behaviour targeting: What and how?

Behaviour targeting: What and how?

Behaviour targeting is the cross-section or meeting point between consumers’ behaviours and on-line data analysis. This method uses machine learning and algorithms to observe and sieve through a consumer’s browsing habits – including pages browsed on a website, time spent on each site, clicks made on specific products or ads, the recency of visits and the consumer’s overall interaction with the site. This form of observation refers to tracking.

In a sea of information that is available online, there are many methods of tracking such data that is beneficial for advertising. For example, there is HTTP request, Flash Cookies, ETags, HTML5, The Evercookie and others. All of these methods use different methods and angles to track user behaviours that can be converted into readable data for advertisers later.

The data collected will then be categorised into tags and labels based on their online activity to be used for targeting. Targeting is the process of using these tracked data to create personalised advertisements for specific audiences. However, through these complex steps and processes, are there real benefits to behavioural marketing? -YES! Here are some examples:

User engagement: with the usage of trustworthy advertisements, behavioural tracking will grant advertisers access to consumers who display specific engagement habits. These will then direct advertisers to create content and lead them through the website, which could very likely be converted into a sale. Ad Click-Throughs: As consumers of the internet, we understand that we are more likely to click on ads or products that we are interested in. Thus, advertising using consumer behaviours will have a higher appeal to the viewers and becomes compelling – enticing viewers to request for more information or complete a purchase.

These outcomes are possible mainly because advertisers are creating a more exciting ad experience for consumers. Ads that are targeted have been said to be more inviting and engaging when used effectively. It also automated direction saves consumers a lot of time from searching for their desired service or product online. All of these add up to become a positive user experience for your consumers – which is what we are trying to do for our customers. To enable them to reach their search goals in the smoothest and most efficient manner.

Are you ready to begin your targeted ads? Let us know how it went! You can also speak to us for more information and guidance. Remember to enjoy the process, so your customers would enjoy your ads too!

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