Ads account on Facebook: Suspensions and solutions

Ads account on Facebook: Suspensions and solutions

Have your Facebook ads account been suspended? And all you can think about now is your anxiety?

Take a deep breath! Everything will be fine in no time! Something may have been sent to the algorithms, causing your Facebook ads account’s suspension. When this happens, Facebook is required to take action.

There are 2 reasons why Facebook will suspend your ads account.

The first reason: High negative feedback.

Your customised ads will appear on the news feed of targeted users. Each user who does not find the ads relevant are allowed to either: report the ads or hide the ads.

Once a user reports your ads for any of the options provided, it will be identified as negative feedback. Remember this: The higher your percentage of negative feedback, the higher the chance for your account to be suspended.

However, fret not! You can ensure that this does not happen! Here are some steps:

First, find the negative feedback score for each of your ads. You can find this on your Facebook ‘Ads Manager’. Then select the individual ad, select ‘Preview’. Click on ‘Facebook Post with Comments’. Here you will be able to evaluate your ad performance through the ‘Performance Results’ section.

Note: You will also be able to identify ‘Negative Feedback’ in this section.

If you are getting more than one report for every 5000 impressions, remove the ad to prevent your account from being suspended. Use this formula to calculate negative feedback:

(Amount of activity ÷ impressions) ÷ total number of People Reached

The second reason (why Facebook has suspended your ad account): You did not comply with Facebook Advertising Policies. These policies are guidelines for the contents that are allowed. You may refer to Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines for more details! Accounts do not get suspended without reason. Ensure that you are equipped and ready for the best ads!

How do you fix the problem, if you have been suspended for violating the policies?

First, go to ‘Ads Manager’. You will see a notice in a red bar that your account has been suspended. It will also end with ‘please contact us’. Click ‘Contact us’ and submit an appeal for your account to be up and running again!

To increase your chances to be reinstated, click on the right upper corner of your ad account.

Scroll to the bottom to select ‘Still need help?’ or ‘Help Center’. When you see that a live chat is available, speak directly to them to quicken the appeal process!

Sometimes, the chat may not appear and don’t you worry too much about it! You can submit a form instead. Let Facebook know about the situation and wait to hear back.

If your account does not show up in the Advertising Account ID section, add your ID manually into the description. In the report, add in the other details to help Facebook with the investigation. Your Account ID can be found in the Ads Manager.

You will also have the option to track your appeal in Facebook support! You are not alone in this and also remember that it is not the end of the world. There is a solution!

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