Basics of PPC to build your brand.

Basics of PPC to build your brand.

Let us begin with the basics of PPC. We know that PPC is short for Pays Per Click. We also need to know that: 

  • Advertisers will need only pay when audiences click on their ads.
  • The goal of PPC is to generate traffic to the advertiser’s website or page. 
  • PPC is efficient for searchers because they the ads answer their searches or questions.
  • While searchers are directed to the advertiser’s website, advertisers are inevitably growing their customer base! 
  • PPC is also cost-efficient. Advertisers pay a small fee for each click, but their conversion rates into sales may be much higher than the cost of each click. 

While the objectives of PPC are simple, the reality of PPC is that there are many types of PPC on the internet. The general population do surf the net to look for their answers for many things, but your audiences may use different mediums to search. Therefore, understanding the different types of PPCs will help target your audiences while being time-efficient and cost-efficient. Here are the three most common types of PPC.

Search Advertising: Search advertising is commonly found on Google or Bing with a small ‘Ad’ logo on the bottom left of the search results. Keywords are essential for Search Advertising PPC. However, this method is known to show results within a short period.

Display Advertising: As the name says it, this method of PPC focuses on the image of your ads and the words that are on your image. It appears on all Google partner websites. Display advertising allows for audience targeting –– enabling you to decide who sees your ads to increase the advertiser’s brand awareness. 

Social Advertising: Also known as social media advertising, all you need is a social media account. The challenge here may be to identify the right platform for your brand. They would first need to determine where their audiences are. Besides that, advertisers need to work with compelling visuals to attract attention in the saturated social media scene. 

If your advertising budget allows you to, you may also choose to use all three types of PPC. However, continuously look back to your advertising goals. If they are to expand to reach out to new customers, then Search Advertising could be for you. Others may find that Social Media Advertising is much more suitable for them.

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