Ads Optimisation: What does it mean?

Ads Optimisation: What does it mean?

We asked a few people! Here are their responses:

“Well, it’s making your ads optimised”

“I think it has something to do with saving money but getting returns from your ads.”

“I’m not sure. Maybe spending on ads wisely?”

While they are not the most expert answers, how many times have you come across the word optimising your ads spending? What does it entail that it is so essential for so many people to be using this word? 

First of all, ‘optimise’ in English means to ‘make something optimal’ or ‘to get the most out of something’. It is crucial for ads, for the same reason you wanted to publish ads in the first place. To attract attention and to create conversions! 

Typically, we would have more than 1 set of ads for each campaign. Let’s assume that you have one campaign with three ad sets. Without using any optimisation, you would allocate RM30 for each ad set. You would have spent precisely RM30 on each ad set and a total of RM90. 

If you try to use Facebook ads optimisation, you will spend RM90 on your campaign, while allowing Facebook to distribute the RM90 across three ad sets. It is better because Facebook is taking looking into your audience responses and would boost the ones that are more successful for higher conversion rates. 

Facebook promises a few things in return, for the benefit of your company, when using their ads optimisation:

  1. Obtain more value from campaigns.
  2. Spend less time managing campaigns.
  3. Simplified campaign management.
  4. De-duplicate your audiences.
  5. Avoid restarting the learning phase.
  6. Efficiently spend across audiences.

If Facebook has a solution for you to leverage on, why are you holding back? While there are many reasons for a company to cut back on digital advertising, it is more beneficial for you to leverage on the internet — especially now when everyone is purchasing online, speaking online, meeting online and dating online. 

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