Using owned media for your benefit.

Using owned media for your benefit.

Owned media describes every little marketing bit that goes through channels you already own – this means you have total control. Owned media can include websites, newsletters or any other social media accounts. Amond them, you may not own the platform, but you own an account and the content of your specific account. Normally, owned media is the final destination of your marketing strategy—other platforms channel and push traffic to your owned media. 

Fortunately for the general interest and involvement and social media accounts, it has become relatively easy to drive traffic to your own media channels. The question that arises is then, what can you do to make your visitor buy your product or be part of the community once they have arrived at your site? 

There are several disadvantages to owned media, such as a limited number of audiences and you require some internal maintenance. However, there are more advantages! You have complete control over your channels, it will cost less, and it is published directly on your site. 

If you are looking at a simple website to begin immediately, WordPress, Squarespace and Wix are 3 platforms that give you a headstart! Besides that, don’t neglect or forget about social media; everyone is on social media! Your first few costs will be to pay for a domain, hosting, a designer or developer, themes and plugins with a website. 

The downside of the above is that it may require a longer time to develop the site. Every part of the site is within your control, so every little detail has to be able to sound and look like the voice of your brand. It will also require constant updates or care. What could help with those would be consistent writing and posts. Although it may take some time, you can leverage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) metrics to kick the pace up a notch. 

If your brand runs on products and e-commerce, your Return of Investment (ROI) would be based on the number of products sold within a specific period. For other types of brands, you may require to lookup software tools that can help you measure your ROI to continue to scale your brand. 

Once again, examples of owned media include your website, content marketing, social media, e-mail marketing and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Don’t hold back. Read into it for the success of your brand and a wide awareness both offline and online! 

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