Advertising on different social media platforms.

Advertising on different social media platforms.

Digital marketing services are sprouting, and everyone is trying out social media advertising. While social media advertising has a lot of advantages, there are other factors to consider. For example, the voice of your brand – will it go well with all social media platforms? Let’s take a look to identify the differences between each social media platform to benefit your company!


  • March 2020: 25, 760, 000 Facebook users in Malaysia
  • 54.7% men, 45.3% women
  • The highest percentage of users according to the age group is between 25 – 34 years old of both men and women at 36.1%
  • Higher engagement rate for video ads


  • March 2020: 11, 681, 000 Instagram users in Malaysia
  • 45.8% men, 54.2% women
  • The highest percentage of female users are between the age of 25 – 34 (19.7%) and followed by 18 – 24 years old (15.4%)
  • Instagram story ads have 23% more conversions than Feed ads and 78% more than clicks!


  • 2018: 4million Malaysian users
  • Users are looking for humour
  • Most active users are between 16 – 24 years old


  • March 2020: 5, 419, 000 users in Malaysia
  • Majority of users are between 25 – 34 years old (62.7%)
  • 62.7% accounts for 3, 400, 000 users

What does this mean for digital advertisers? – There is a multitude of social media users in the nation now, and each platform has a specific voice that reaches out to the different communities.

Focus on the voice of your brand, focus on looking for your identity before heading you begin advertising. Once you have found your voice, it becomes easier to narrow down your target audiences and understand the type of language and tone you are looking for when you are advertising. I will also help you narrow down the different platforms you should be using!

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