Ads: The path for A/B testing

Ads: The path for A/B testing

If you are here, reading about running your ads online, and thinking of the worst-case scenarios about how your ads will turn out, I am here to tell you that it is alright to worry. We also have a solution for you. 

Have you heard of the A/B testing? This method of testing your ads enables you to gauge your audiences and your targets better. 

When you begin planning for A/B testing, split your drawing or idea board into 2. Create two different ad copies for the same goal. It enables you to identify which ads work better for your target audience. It is also essential to always look back at your budget. Always put that budget figure in front of you – mainly because you may end up getting ahead of yourself when you want to try different ad variables for your ad testing. 

Remember too, that you may not receive what you have expected during your first month of ad testing. We are here to tell you that none of the experts out there got it perfectly right during their first try. It takes a lot of time and effort – be sure to give yourself that. 

Let’s take a look at a slow and steady method to generate your ads best. It is a 4-months long process, but it is worth it. 

Month 1: Building your base.

List out your target audience and their demographics. SIt down with your team to evaluate the best ways to build your campaigns. Think of possible themes and breakdown these ideas according to your product specifications. Now that you have your products think about how you can create awareness for your brand through social media – this could include content marketing. Map out our budget and think about your conversions – what are your goals from your A/B tests?

Month 2: Engage

Now that you have your base strong and steady, you are ready to engage in your first A/B testing! Leave a few weeks for your campaign to reach your audiences but be sure to check regularly.

Month 3: Perspectives and lenses

You have launched your test – you have the data for analysis. Which of your ads reached your goal? Look at how these testings have reached your audiences – what is it that caught their attention? Now it is back to go back to the drawing board again. Examine different ways to optimise your best results for further improvement!

Month 4: Enhance!

Now is the time for your final lap of the race. You may now return to your budget and try to increase that figure, to reach out to more people – because you have analysed your cost-effectiveness and will be able to generate more returns for your brand. 

Voila! There you have it, your A/B testing recipe!

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