#smallbusinessgrowth – Vimigo’s aim for SMEs to strive

#smallbusinessgrowth – Vimigo’s aim for SMEs to strive

Human resources are subjective and complex to evaluate, leading to many shortcomings. With technology carved into our daily lives today, have you ever wished for an app to solve all your human resource problems with more additional help and benefits? Have you ever expected an app that can take on the most minor and the most prominent issues in your company? We are here to tell you that the app does exist! Its called VIMIGO!

The electronic software launched in 2019, and in less than a year, the app received more than 300 users. The founder of Vimigo is Shane Mun. Mun has been in multiple difficult situations within the human resource department, such as their inability to retain talents, unfair rewards, punishments, poor attitudes, etc. These complications force individuals to shift their focus from their daily tasks to solving more Human Resource problems.

Therefore, Mun’s goal was to build an app that would reduce such complications within SMEs to drive focus towards the company’s goals and growth. Mun, an internet celebrity, believes in the possibilities when bosses are given the space to develop the company’s blueprint. He built Vimigo to enable bosses to have more time to do so.

As an internet celebrity, he understands the importance and relevance of online marketing and strategies. He launched Vimigo via online advertising. He held several online classes to share the vision and goal of Vimigo while providing more insight to SMEs on using the app to overcome their internal challenges. In the past year, over 10,000 individuals have attended his courses!

In March 2021, the pandemic hit the nation into another lockdown. Vimigo continued to host online courses to teach his users the best practices to harness Vimigo’s full potential for their companies, especially during the lockdown when everyone works from home. Mun took 3 years to successfully develop an app that can assist SMEs in solving personnel problems within the company. In the future, he intends to expand the app’s usage across Southeast Asia.

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