Leveraging the digital marketing trends in 2021

Leveraging the digital marketing trends in 2021

Let’s face it. The world may not have been ready for the coronavirus outbreak, but the world adapted. Individuals learnt to lean on technology to keep in touch with friends and family, maintain relationships and to be productive at work.

In March 2020, Zoom saw 200 million daily meetings, and the figure increased to 300 million in the next month. According to some digital marketing sites, this increase of  Zoom app downloads and other mobile users will reduce or take a steep fall once the virus is contained. However, there are methodologies, angles and trends that brands can implement into their planning to stay relevant in 2021, despite the circumstances. 

Some of the keywords and trends that we can identify to stay on top of the game in 2021 are sustainability, inclusiveness, image and video SEO and interactive content. 

  1. Sustainability

The world has taken a halt this year, and many have come to realise that mother earth needs more than she is receiving right now. She needs our best practices. Many people are beginning to feel strongly about environmentalism as their identity. Therefore, brands can start to advocate their environmental concerns and their efforts to improve the environment too. Many environment-friendly brands are received very well in the markets now, especially by younger spenders. Take this into consideration when strategising your brand marketing. 

  1. Inclusiveness

Homogeneity today isn’t the same as what it was decades ago. The younger generations are eager to look for diversity and inclusivity in their workplaces, their daily lives, and in the brands they buy. Therefore, digital marketing in 2021 should include media and subject matters that cover a variety of races, sexualities and regions. With the power in the hands of the consumers, they are willing to turn away from brands that do not reflect how vital identity and diversity is to them. 

  1. SEO in images

Searching for products have also taken a turn! Users can now search for the items they want by using Google Lens or uploading an image they want. How can brands use this to their advantage? Ensure that your image includes alt text (text that appears over the place of an image when a page fails to load online). With the alt text, you may also think about including SEO keywords into the file name of your image and finally, also one of the most important, use HD images! 

  1. Interactive content

Users are online and staring into a flat-screen for countless hours; they are definitely seeking more engagement! Use open-ended questions, polls, contests, giveaways and surveys to capture attention. It creates enjoyment and lengthens the time users engage with your content, helping your standing on algorithm-based searches. 

Now, are you ready for 2021 and the roller coaster ride involved? While we do not know what may be coming up for us, let us continue to be hopeful about the future in the digital world together!! 

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